high impact consulting for sustainable food systems




Whether you are building new supply chains or looking to improve existing ones, it’s critical to develop programs that energize internal teams around shared goals as well as lay-out clear, attainable, and measurable objectives for your supply chain partners. A thorough assessment of your business model combined with your asset footprint, operations, supplier relationships and market drivers, I will help advance your goals, reduce risk and enhance your vision of where you want to be in the future.

IMPACT Metrics

Metrics that allow you and your supply chain partners to easily track, analyze, and improve on your sustainability goals – soil health, climate change resilience, financial well-being – will drastically improve your ability to measure success, understand the gaps, and design corrective action plans. I design impact programs — from organizational goal-setting to grower surveys and implementation of action plans, implement your sustainability program, engage with suppliers and craft continuous improvement programs.


ORGANIC industry research

The organic sector continues to grow across all categories. Investors, mid-stream assets, service providers, input companies, and brands need robust data and analysis to evaluate growth strategies. I will create your go-to-market strategy and connect you with commercial partners.

Project Management

Highly effective project management is a game-changer. Food value chains are complex, fast-moving, and engage with a diverse range of stakeholders. My style balances collaboration with leadership to design and implement strategic change grounded in deliverables, milestones, and best use of you and your staff’s time.