At the Food Lab we like to work with individuals who bring both technical expertise and leadership capabilities to listen across functions and organizations. Jessie brings both of these qualities to her work along with a clear sense of the balance between process and implementation.
— Elizabeth Reaves, Sustainable Food Lab


Jessie Deelo, Founder

Jessie Deelo brings diverse experience as a strategist and implementer for sustainable food and farm systems. With a focus on impact and sustainability metrics, supply chain and sourcing strategy, farm operations and industry research, she delivers results, she works across all sectors of agriculture. Her well-cultivated network across the entire supply chain is unique and powerful – Jessie connects the dots leading to opportunities that benefit all.

She has been a commercial farmer, Extension researcher, and director for ag industry and service providers’ networks. Not to mention a farmers’ market manager, a seed certification inspector, mentor to beginning farmers, a teacher and a basketball coach.

Jessie earned her MS in International Agricultural Development from the University of California-Davis and BA in Geography and Environmental Studies from University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Jessie lives in Jamaica Plain, MA with her husband and two kids.



I serve clients from across the agricultural value chain. From retailers, brands, and investors, to farmers and producers, to food and feed manufacturers, to non-profit organizations and government agencies, I am fortunate to work with companies and people who are passionate about advancing agriculture.


Clients and projects include:

  • Unilever, North America Sustainable Dairy

  • Pipeline Foods, Ag Impact Team

  • Fuld + Co., biological inputs research

  • Agromeris, organic animal proteins industry research and analysis

  • Applegate Farms, Non-GMO Project Verification

  • PepsiCo and Sustainable Food Lab, PepsiCo’s Sustainable Farming Initiative

  • Market Analysis for Vermont Non-GMO Dairy Farmers

  • Green America, Non-GMO Supply Working Group


Jessie understands supply chain considerations from the ground up and is familiar with the possibilities and challenges at each step. She brings not only enthusiasm, but a unique ability to balance strategy and reality.
— Myla Holmes, Protem Solutions